Findin' The Groove!

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Jazz vibraphone legend Terry Gibbs presents exciting new arrangements of famous jazz tunes and new compositions. For this date Terry once again assembled a powerhouse ensemble of musicians including special guest Hubert Laws on flute, Dan Faehnle on guitar, Tom Ranier on piano, Hamilton Price on bass, Gerry Gibbs on drums, and Joan Carroll on two vocals.


Hubert Laws, Terry Gibbs, Dan Faehnle


Gerry Gibbs, Terry Gibbs


Dan Faehnle, Tom Ranier, Hamilton Price


Hubert Laws, Joan Carroll

Terry Gibbs is without question a legendary jazz vibraphonist. Terry Gibbs is also without contest the personification of exuberance-a quality embodied in his roles as a gifted, indefatigable swinging jazz musician and astute band leader/producer. His joyous persona expressed on and off stage is such an infectious influence that his collaborators are driven to approach his super energy level.
The band is tight. Deceptively, the band sounds as if it's a regular band that's been together for an extended time.
TG: "First of all the rhythm section must swing, and as you can hear they really were swinging. I'm usually always up and everyone came in with the same intensity. I think what made the solos interesting was that we were really listening to each other and inspired each other… It's the feel and sound that Hubert and I got playing together. It's not a new sound with the blend of vibes and flute, but it comes from what Hubert and I add to it."
…In sum, there's no question Terry Gibbs and his band found all the grooves.
- Dr. Herb Wong


1.	Bernie's Tune 
2.	Wednesday at Two
3.	Findin' the Groove 
4.	But Not For Me 
5.	Teach Me Tonight 
6.	Killer Joe
7.	Dance With The Brushes 
8.	Samba Wazoo
9.	The House That Might Have Been
10.	Four Brothers
11.	Take My Blues Away
12.	Wee
13.	One Minute And 45 Seconds To Station Break